4K Quality

Projected images can add depth, atmosphere, and a touch of magic to your visuals. Illuminate your subjects with dynamic patterns, create immersive backgrounds, or infuse your scenes with vibrant colors. A projector transforms your creative space, allowing you to craft unique and mesmerizing compositions that stand out.

Easy to use
Instant Set up
FULL RGB color
Fully customizable

"There are literally thousands of different ways to modify your light in photography, but you’d find it difficult to find one that offers more versatility and variety in look than the humble projector."

"Very cost effective but has like 3 different ways you can shoot it"

"Looks amazing in Video"

Full Texture Map

Project an entire wallpaper of texture onto the subject to get a full wide look

Specific Details

Project any logo, text, or animation onto subject

Reverse Beam - Moving

Shoot into the beam of light with an addition of smoke. Animating beams

Pros (+)

your production deserves high quality results

Effects Projections

Transform your projector photoshoot with creative flair. Add artistic depth by using animations on the face, creating captivating effects.

Custom Text Projections

Elevate your photography by incorporating text projections on models in a projector photoshoot.
From song lyrics to personal quotes, the versatility of text projections opens up endless possibilities for creative expression.
Experiment with fonts, handwritten notes, or graphic designs to customize the text elements

3D environment projection

Enhance your photoshoots with back projection to simulate an LED screen.
Project dynamic images onto the background for a modern, versatile atmosphere.
This technique offers creative control, allowing you to emulate city backgrounds, textures, or abstract patterns. Utilize back projection to infuse cinematic elements, transforming each shoot into a visually dynamic and immersive experience.

Abstract Glowing Shapes

Try projecting abstract shapes to craft luminous and glowing forms in your images. Experiment with projecting geometric patterns, ethereal swirls, or intricate designs onto your subjects.
Adjust the size, intensity, and position of the projections to achieve the desired effect, allowing you to sculpt the atmosphere of your photoshoots with artistic precision.

Full-Body Projections

Unleash the ultimate with full-body projection mapping, a cutting-edge technique that transforms the entire surface of a subject into a canvas of dynamic imagery. This immersive technology allows you to project intricate designs, animations, or even landscapes onto the contours of the human form.

Sed ut perspiciatis

Make your photoshoots magical by adding a bit of mist and pointing your camera towards the projector. The mist softens the scene, making the light projections stand out. Filming in this way captures beautiful beams of light, adding depth and mystery to your photos. Play around with the mist intensity for different effects, turning your pictures into captivating scenes that feel like a dream.


This infinitely more advanced projector can now literally shine any image you could possibly think of into your shot and if you have the right cable, you can shine that image from any device you like.

Features Overview

Ultra Bright Projectors

Dont have issues with dim projectors, and not being able to see the designs

EASY - Plug and Play

Just plug in a hdmi and you are ready to connect your laptop to the projector

High Quality

We have options for 4K projectors, so you can get that crisp details for the close ups

Ultra Wide Throw

Wide projector lenses allow you to be up close to the projection source while still gettng a huge image


Move the projector to any position and mount in different positions.

Adjust the Axis

Adjust the projector axis and throw when projecting on an angle.

What the rental includes:

-HDMI Cable

Does not include laptop - bring your own

Add on Rate:

In-Studio add on vs Rental

Standard Projector

Low brightness projector is great for close up shots, macro product shots. 1080p

$85  in studio
$90.00 Outside Studio
  • 2500 Lumin
  • 38 Degree lens angle
  • Comes with Cable
  • 1080p
Bright Projector

Brighter projector allows you to get high quality medium shots with great brightness

$150  in studio
$200.00 Outside Studio
  • 3600 Lumin
  • 30 Degree lens angle
  • Use the built axis function
  • Comes with C-Stand
  • 1440p
Short Throw Projector

For wide shots: Short throw bright projector allows you to have a huge projection throw while still remaining bright and high quality.

$400  in studio
$480.00 Outside Studio
  • 4000 Lumin
  • 10 Degree lens angle
  • Easy mount
  • 1440p
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Need Multiple Projectors?

We can give you a package when renting multiple

Message us to reserve
Need us to set up for you?

Our lighting technician can set up, take down, move the lighting for your convenience.

Lighting technician: $50 / hour


See how its used, in music videos, films, commercials

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Response time:
Live:  12 min or less

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All the A’s
for your Q’s.

Do the projectors come with a computer
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No, please bring your own computer to connect via hdmi. We can provide a laptop at extra cost if available

Will you set the projector up for me?
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The projector rental is just the rental itself, if you need assistance setting up your projector please request a lighting tech rate.

Does it come with the designs and videos I see on the website
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These are custom designed video overlays that the client brought to the studio. If you want a simialr look, make custom text or video animations ahead of time. You can also find them on youtube.

Are the payments monthly? Can I pay for longer?
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You pay monthly instead of hourly or by the project. It’s simpler and lets you choose how long we work together. It’s less complicated this way and gives you enough time to see if it’s right for your brand.

If you want a longer plan duration, try out a month or so first. If we're a good fit for each other, we'll make it happen.

What kind of services do you offer?
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Check out the services section just above here to see the some of the services we offer in our plans.

What do you use to make things?
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We currently use Figma for designs, Photoshop/Illustrator for print and photo-based asks, Webflow for developing websites, and After Effects for animations.

How long will it take to fill a request?
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Because each and every request is different, it's hard to guarantee anything here but our general rule of thumb for a typical request is two business days.

A typical request could be a landing page or logo. A non-typical request could extend out from there, which could be a request for multiple landing pages, a robust e-book, etc. In this case, you may receive multiple deliveries until the request is complete.

Are there any contracts to use your services?
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There are no contracts or commitments to use our service. You can cancel at any time and return at any time. We are flexible and understand you may not have a consistent need for designs every single month.

Why isn’t Good Time available on Fridays?
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We’re trying the 32-hour workweek out. During the industrial era, capitalism predicted that we’d work fewer hours when services become more automated. Turns out, we ended up working more. We want to subvert that expectation and use that extra day to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Be kind to yourself.

What happens if you get too many clients? Will I get bad product?
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We limit the amount of clients we can take on so that the quality is never spread too thin. If we open up more slots, we'll hire more designers and developers to fill that gap.

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