High Power
Rain Set

Welcome to Rain Space, home to Toronto's premier rain machine studio.
Our custom-made setup is perfect for music videos, feature films, or waterproof photoshoots.

Located in Central Toronto, we offer one of the city's only permanent rain machine sets. Our dedicated team ensures your experience is seamless, whether you're working on film or stills.

Immerse yourself in the magic of controlled rainfall and let Rain Space elevate your creative projects. Your vision, our rain – a perfect match for unforgettable storytelling.

Easy to use
Only Rain Machine in City
Huge Rain Set
Comes with Lighting

"Most Unique Look! so realistic in camera"

"I love using this rain set with the Lightning Light Effect"

"Only Place in Toronto that has this kind of set up"

Water Wall

Very dense rain making a Water Wall

Change the Colour

Our RGB lighting can change the color of the lighting

3x More Output

More output means the rain is more dense. Thicker Rain.

Pros (+)

your production deserves high quality results

Looks amazing in Slow - Motion

Experience the cinematic magic of raindrops in slow motion at Rain Space! Our cutting-edge rain machine set transforms ordinary rainfall into a visual masterpiece. Filmed in slow motion, adding an elegant and captivating dimension to your projects.

Lightning Effects + Strobe

Our custom rain machine, paired with dynamic lightning strobes, adds a dramatic flair to your footage. Elevate your storytelling with the powerful combination of controlled rain and atmospheric lightning

Large Enough to fit Cars!

At Rain Space, we go big – our expansive rain machine set is car-friendly! Imagine capturing stunning automotive shots under a controlled downpour, adding a dynamic touch to your projects.

Spacious versatility of Rain Space


Introducing our cutting-edge rain machine at Rain Space – a masterpiece designed for cinematic videos and creative photoshoots.

Immerse yourself in controlled rainfall, where every drop is a stroke of art.

Perfect for achieving that dramatic, cinematic ambiance, our rain machine adds depth and emotion to your visual storytelling.

But we don't stop there – our rain machine comes equipped with custom lighting options, enhancing the atmosphere and providing the perfect illumination for your shots.
From moody scenes to high-energy moments, our setup is tailored to elevate your creative vision.

It's more than a rain machine; it's a tool crafted for those who dare to push the boundaries of creativity.

Features Overview

Customizable Intensity

ailor the rain intensity to suit the mood and requirements of your shoot, from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour.

Spacious Design:

With ample space, our rain machine set is perfect for accommodating large setups, including scenes with cars or groups of people.

Dynamic Lighting Options

Elevate your visuals with integrated lighting options, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for your cinematic videos and photoshoots.

Professional Assistance

Our experienced team is on hand to assist you throughout your rain machine studio hire, ensuring you get the most out of your time at Rain Space.

Versatile Settings

The rain machine is adaptable to various creative needs, making it suitable for music videos, feature films, or any imaginative photoshoots.

Waterproof Environment

Ensure a fully waterproof space, providing the freedom to experiment with water elements without any concerns about damaging equipment or sets.

What the rental includes:

- Rain Machine
-Rain Operator

Add on Rate:

In-Studio add on vs Rental

Mini Set

Great for close ups, or to shoot product photos. Small pouring area.

$280  in studio
  • 3-Meter rain wall
  • Mist - Like water
  • Comes with Spot Light
  • Single Color

Larger Rain Area - Perfect for full body shots. + Extra lighting

$350  in studio
  • 5-Meter rain wall
  • Normal Rain Drops
  • 750w spot light
  • RGB Color
  • Can drive car underneath
XL Size + Lightning

Largest clearance area
Lightning effect included.
Comes with all needed lighting

$680  in studio
  • Double (x2)
    5-Meter rain wall
  • Double Rain
  • Skypanel Lightning
  • 2 spotlights
Creation site internet webflow
Need Full Day of Rain?

We can give you a package for longer use

Message us to reserve
Need us to help with rigging sets for you?

Our lighting technician can set up, take down, move the lighting for your convenience.

Lighting technician: $50 / hour


See how its used, in music videos, films, commercials

More Cool Looks:


Response time:
Live:  12 min or less

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All the A’s
for your Q’s.

How do I book the Rain Set?
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Please contact us - we will get back to you very quickly. We will book the studio time for you and add on the rain set for you.

How much time do I have with the rain?
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You get all sets for the entire duration of studio booking. Usually people use the rain set around an hour or two.

Is the Rain cold?
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The rain is the tap water temperature. The first few takes will be warmer until the boiler runs out of water.

Will there be someone to help us out?
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Yes, there will be a rain tech.

What kind of services do you offer?
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Check out the services section just above here to see the some of the services we offer in our plans.

What do you use to make things?
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We currently use Figma for designs, Photoshop/Illustrator for print and photo-based asks, Webflow for developing websites, and After Effects for animations.

How long will it take to fill a request?
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Because each and every request is different, it's hard to guarantee anything here but our general rule of thumb for a typical request is two business days.

A typical request could be a landing page or logo. A non-typical request could extend out from there, which could be a request for multiple landing pages, a robust e-book, etc. In this case, you may receive multiple deliveries until the request is complete.

Are there any contracts to use your services?
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There are no contracts or commitments to use our service. You can cancel at any time and return at any time. We are flexible and understand you may not have a consistent need for designs every single month.

Why isn’t Good Time available on Fridays?
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We’re trying the 32-hour workweek out. During the industrial era, capitalism predicted that we’d work fewer hours when services become more automated. Turns out, we ended up working more. We want to subvert that expectation and use that extra day to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Be kind to yourself.

What happens if you get too many clients? Will I get bad product?
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We limit the amount of clients we can take on so that the quality is never spread too thin. If we open up more slots, we'll hire more designers and developers to fill that gap.

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