In-studio Camera Rental

In-Studio Sets

There's something for every project and budget. Check out other Hollywood Sets you can add on.

Event Rentals

Event lighting for rent.
Parties and Celebrations.

Blackmagic 6k pro

One of the best parts of the studio is our large cyclorama. Can come pre lit and can be painted upon request.


$160- Just the Body
One 6K blackmagic without lens
2 Batteries

$170 - Camera + Lens
One 6K blackmagic
30-70mm lens
2 Batteries

$180 - Camera + Lens + Tripod
With tripod

Great BTS Camera

Canon t5i

We give you everything you need to get the best looking shots


$60 - Just the Body
Great for close ups

$70 - Camera + lens
Will light up anything!
Very Bright Spot light
Comes with multi colored Gels


DJI Ronin s2

Easy to use tube lights. RGB multi Color tubes. Wireless.


$80 - Ronin S2 Kit
comes fully charged with everything  you need

$60- Ronin S1
Ronin S1 kit



With the Atom 500 HDMI Wireless Video Transmission Kit from Vaxis you can transmit visually lossless, H.265 video signals to the Vaxis receiver with less than 1 ms latency. The transmitter sends a powerful line-of-sight signal up to 500' and it can also multicast via Wi-Fi to up to three mobile devices for monitoring.The transmitter features one HDMI input and one HDMI loop output, and the receiver has two HDMI outputs. Together they support up to 1080p60 high-quality H.265 video transmissions with less than 0.1 ms latency. The transmitter also supports multicast over Wi-Fi to up to four mobile iOS devices using the Vaxis Vision app for monitoring.


$80 - 1kitEverything you need

Book Studio
w/ Sets

Lets get you locked in with your studio time and sets. Please contact us and we'll take car of you
Current Response time: 12 Min or less


Here are a few of our most common questions. For other questions please call us!

How do I add on the sets?

Easy and fast:
1.Contact us ( Instagram DM, Imessage, Call, Email)
2. Let us know what date you need the studio
3. Let us know what sets you want

And we'll take care of you. We respond quick

Am I able to upgrade or downgrade sets/Add-ons while in studio

If you want to upgrade or downgrade please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare everything. Most of our set-ups are brought in and built for you so changing them the day of is often difficult and time inefficient.

Do I need sets?

Its up to you! if you have your own set us, thats great!
BUT... keep in mind, you'll spend studio time building sets, testing, and will have to buy all the materials.
With our sets we provide convenience: We set up everything perfect for camera, so you get straight to production and don't waste time.
Don't waste money with buying material, building, testing, when you can rent it from us for a fraction of the cost.

Do I have to set up?

Any set you get from us, is hassle-free. We set up your first set for your arrival so you can get straight into filming, and our on-site staff will change out and set up any new set afterwords for you.
So you can focus on just filming and not setting up.
We believe efficiency and safety is very important when setting up something, so let us take care of it.