SEE YOU AT Moonlight Studio!

Studio info | Rules & Policies

📍Address / Parking: 

On google maps search “Moonlight Studio”👈 Or click on link
To find the entrance, please go all the way down to the dead end of Montcalm and take a left into the parking lot.

Please only park at the designated parking signs.
Do not block garage entrances.
Entrance is the Purple Door
You can enter upto 10 minutes before your booking begins

💳 Payment

The full price of the studio and sets is confirmed ahead of time.
The full payment is made before you start filming.
Methods of payment:

Email Transfer: (Final Cost) + (HST 13%)
or Cash

⏱️ BILLED Hourly

Your rental is billed hourly | 30 minute increments are not possible
To avoid an overtime charge, "taillights" must be within your allotted time.

Ex: A 3hr booking from 1pm - 4pm / You must be wrapped and out the studio by 4pm to avoid being billed an extra hour
Ex: If you book from 1:00pm and arrive at 1:20 you are still billed from the official booked time of 1pm.
Ex: If you book from 1pm - 4pm and wrap earlier you are still billed from the official booked time of 3 hours

If you book a studio discount day rate, the rate is fixed once the booking starts.
Overtime is charged at the studio rate.


Because we are a Black Void Studio, The Cyclorama does not come repainted.
If you need the cyclorama clean white please request a repaint ahead of time.

Please do not step on the cyclorama curve - it is fragile. Any damages incurred will be passed on to production

🪜 Set assembly

Please let us know what set you would like to start off with so we can prepare it for your arrival.
Swapping sets takes time ( avg 20 min ) and that is something you have to account for during your time.

👯 capacity

Make sure your head count is accurate when you book. If you sent a booking request with 10 ppl — and show up with 25 ppl You will be charged more per hour.

For reference this is the price breakdown per hour:
1-14 people — $150 an hour
14-30 people = $170 an hour

🛠️ Damages

The property must be left in the condition you originally entered it in. Any damages incurred will be passed on to production

🚬 Smoking

Smoking in not allowed inside the studio. This can be waived with a $150 fee ( Smoking Odor Removal )


If you cancel within 72 hours of the booking, you will forfeit your non refundable deposit.
You can change the date with no fee upto 72 hours in advance.
Last minute date change will result in a fee of $200.


Deposit is non refundable.


Please contact the representative you booked with.
Instagram: @moonlight_rentals
Whatsapp: ‪+1 (310) 400‑2926‬