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At Moonlight Studio, we pride ourselves on being more than a creative space; we are architects of imagination, craftsmen of dreams. As a premier destination for production excellence, we bring to life the extraordinary in every project.

Our Approach to Set Builds and Construction: A Symphony of Creativity and Precision

At Moonlight Studio, we understand that the foundation of any exceptional production lies in the meticulous construction of sets. Our approach seamlessly blends creativity with precision, ensuring that each set becomes a canvas for storytelling, and every detail contributes to the overall cinematic experience.

Why Choose Moonlight Studio:

  • Immersive Experiences: We don't just build sets; we create immersive experiences that linger in the minds of audiences.
  • Innovative Solutions: From cost-effective ingenuity to groundbreaking designs, we bring innovative solutions to the table.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Moonlight Studio is not just a service provider but a creative partner invested in the success of every project.


New Player Launch
Monster Energy
Project type
Commercial - Social Media
Project year

Client approached us with a need to highlight a new gamer being signed to the monster energy roster. They needed both photo and video deliverables. They required a variety of set ups, that they can film in a short time with the talents time restrictions. 

One of the set ups they required was a large display to showcase gaming footage behind the talent. 

So we custom built them a few custom built sets, all checking off their requirements and going even bigger. For their back screen we thinking about building out an led screen but to remain within budget of the project we created dual large silk projector screens, and suspended them on our ceilings. We used high power projectors and inverse projected them, recreating the led screen effect they desired for a fraction of the cost. 

Client was happy that the sets we created were easy to film with since they are built for the shots, and the necessary details were thought through. The sets were also built in a way where they were disassembled and reamssebled in 15 minutes, ensuring the short time with the talent was used wisely.

The Solution: Crafting Custom-Built Set, Moonlight Style

Understanding the budget constraints, our team conceptualized and crafted several custom-built sets that not only checked every requirement box but pushed the boundaries of creativity.

Innovative Display: Turning Constraints into Advantages

The pièce de résistance was the creation of a large display to showcase gaming footage behind the talent. While an LED screen seemed like the obvious choice, we opted for a groundbreaking solution to stay within the project's budget. Introducing dual large silk projector screens, suspended elegantly from our ceilings.

Harnessing the power of high-performance projectors and inverse projection techniques, we recreated the LED screen effect our client desired at a fraction of the cost. The result? A stunning visual display that not only met expectations but elevated the production to a whole new level.

Efficiency Unleashed: Sets Built for the Shot

Recognizing the time constraints imposed by the talent's schedule, we engineered our sets for efficiency. Each setup was meticulously crafted for easy filming, with necessary details pre-considered to streamline the production process. The sets were not just visually impressive but practically designed for seamless execution.

Quick Assembly, Maximum Impact: Time-Optimized Magic

What sets this case apart is not just the creativity but the logistical brilliance. Our sets were constructed in a way that allowed for swift disassembly and reassembly in just 15 minutes. This ensured that every precious moment with the talent was utilized wisely, making the most of their limited availability.

The Result: Client Satisfaction and A Gamer's Stardom Elevated

The client was more than pleased with the outcome. Our custom-built sets not only fulfilled their requirements but exceeded expectations. The efficient filming process, coupled with the visually stunning displays, showcased our commitment to delivering not just content but an experience that resonated with the audience.

In a world where every second counts, Moonlight rises to the challenge, turning constraints into creative advantages. Elevate your productions with us, where innovation meets efficiency, and visions become reality.

Kraft Heinz (Delimex)

Powering Up Esports Stardom with Creativity and Efficiency
The Kitchen, Kraft Heinz (Delimex)
Project type
Social Media Campaign
Project year

Client came to us with an idea for a dual purpose production. They needed to film a gaming commercial at the same time of a gaming live stream. 

Their requirements was to create a set that catered to the specific requirement of conntenting multiple gaming computers and hardware but at the same time having a focus on creative production an attention to detail. The set had to look like it was built for a commercial, white still functional to host a live streaming gaming competition. 

The challenge was that there were multiple players, running a large computer set up with many cables that had to be hidden. The players also had to be lit creatively for the commercial. So our carpenter team decided to build a huge light the same size of the table row. 

The batman box: with inspiration for Batmans lair lighting set up, we made a similar light fixure that created a modern look, yet was simple enough to not distract from the main gameplay. 

Inside we installed programmable lights that we controlled via a lighting console allowing us to make lighting animations.

The addition of the lasers also made the clients jaw drop, making the set look beautiful on camera.

At the end the client was super happy, since the set up we created was very flexible and controllable, so the looks and be changed instantly. 

Case Study: The Batman Box - Where Gaming meets Cinematic Brilliance

At Moonlight, we thrive on turning ambitious ideas into seamless realities. One such triumph involved a client with a dual purpose: shooting a gaming commercial and simultaneously live-streaming a gaming competition. The challenge? Creating a set that not only catered to the intricate needs of multiple gaming computers and hardware but also exuded creative production flair, all while hosting a dynamic live-streamed gaming showdown.

The Brief: Uniting Functionality and Creativity

Our client's vision required a delicate balance: a set that could seamlessly accommodate numerous gaming computers and hardware, all while maintaining an environment conducive to creative commercial production. The challenge was further complicated by the necessity to conceal an array of cables and illuminate multiple players for the commercial shoot.

The Batman Box: A Masterstroke of Innovation

Enter "The Batman Box," a game-changing solution inspired by the atmospheric lighting of Batman's lair. Our carpenter team devised a colossal light fixture, spanning the entire length of the gaming table. This modern and sleek design not only complemented the commercial aesthetics but seamlessly blended into the gaming competition setting.

Inside the box, programmable lights were strategically installed and controlled via a sophisticated lighting console. This allowed for dynamic lighting animations, creating an ever-evolving visual spectacle that captured the essence of both the gaming world and cinematic brilliance.

Laser Focus: Elevating the Visual Experience

To add an extra layer of visual dynamism, lasers were introduced, leaving our client in awe. The lasers not only enhanced the set's aesthetic appeal but also translated exceptionally well on camera, providing a captivating visual element that set the production apart.

Client Satisfaction: A Flexible and Controllable Marvel

The ultimate litmus test was the client's satisfaction. The set we engineered proved to be not just functional but extraordinarily flexible and controllable. The ability to instantly change the look and feel of the set allowed for seamless transitions between the gaming competition and commercial shoots.

In the end, our client was overjoyed with the outcome. The Batman Box not only met but exceeded their expectations, providing a unique blend of functionality, creativity, and adaptability. At Moonlight, we don't just build sets; we craft immersive experiences that leave lasting impressions. Elevate your productions with us, where innovation knows no bounds, and creativity takes center stage.


Music Video
Project type
Music Video
Project year

At Moonlight Studio, we recently faced the exciting challenge of bringing the expansive Dune-inspired infinity desert to life within a tight budget for a music video project.

The Challenge: Cinematic Landscape on a Budget

Our goal was clear: transform a limited budget into a cinematic experience reminiscent of Dune's mesmerizing landscapes, elevating the music video.

The Solution: Ingenuity in Moonlight Studio

Faced with budget constraints, Moonlight Studio's team harnessed ingenuity, turning our void studio into a boundless canvas for an immersive infinity desert.

Custom Sandbox Marvels: Sculpting on a Budget

Our custom-built sandbox, featuring special foam inserts beneath the sand, recreated the majestic dunes of Dune, adding tactile and visually striking dimensions to the set.

Affordable Brilliance: Maximizing Every Resource

Despite budget limitations, Moonlight Studio maximized resources, turning the void studio into a creative playground. The result? A visually arresting infinity desert that transported viewers into a realm where the vastness of Dune met the rhythmic beats of the music video.

Client Satisfaction: Cinematic Triumph at Moonlight Studio

The ultimate measure of success was our client's satisfaction. The music video, enriched by the sweeping vistas of the infinity desert, not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing Moonlight Studio's commitment to delivering cinematic brilliance without compromise.

Join Moonlight Studio, where creativity knows no financial boundaries, and cinematic magic is within reach, regardless of the budget. Elevate your productions with us, where innovation meets affordability, and dreams come to life.